How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge eGuide

Question: Do you want to choose the perfect wine for any occasion?


How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge eGuide


Do you want to choose the perfect wine for any occasion?


Our How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge eGuide contains everything you need to know about wine tasting from identifying colour and appearance, nose and palate to pairing the perfect wine with any meal.

You’ll learn about reading a wine label, wine storage, opening and serving wine, tasting white and red wines, food and wine, cooking with wine, wine and food recipes.

We also provide a Tasting Note Check List.

With our wine eGuide you’ll be able to taste wine like a pro and choose the perfect bottle for any meal. Imagine being able to confidently choose the perfect wine for any occasion. Plus, you’ll be able to impress your dinner guests with your extensive knowledge of wine pairing. 

This e-guide is a must-have for anyone who loves wine and wants to learn more about it. BUY NOW our How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge eGuide and enhance your enjoyment of every bottle you drink. 


7 essential ingredients to the enjoyment of wine.

Australian Wine Growing Regions and Grape Varieties

The difference between wines is the result of many influences of which grape variety used and style chosen by the winemaker. Some other influences are the regions where the grapes are grown, soil, climate and vineyard management.

Read a Wine Label

Labels can be very informative and give a good indication of the style of the wine in the bottle. Wine labels must show basic information.

Wine Storage

The proper storage of wine should be one of your highest priorities. 

Opening and Serving Wine

After you have chosen and bought the right wine for an occasion, it makes perfect sense to serve it in the best way possible. . 

Tasting White and Red Wine

When you learn to pick out the delicate flavours and put these to memory, your enjoyment will greatly increase. 

Food with Wine

There is no mystique behind this relationship, but it can only be achieved if there is some basic compatibility between the two. 

Cooking with Wine

As alcohol evaporates quickly in a dish which is being heated, adding wine to a dish before or during cooking will not increase the alcohol content. The only change is in the flavour.


Taking time to understand and fully appreciate a nice glass of wine can greatly increase its potential to bring enjoyment to any occasion. Understanding this wonderful beverage that little more will in turn lead to you getting the utmost value out of your wine.

Let us help you have fun with wine.


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How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge eGuide

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