How to Setup a Profitable Buffet eGuide

Buffet service requires the least amount of labour, both kitchen and service so a busy food business can increase its flexibility by applying this style of service, together with other styles of service.


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How to Setup a Profitable Buffet eGuide.


How to setup a buffet table?


The planning of a buffet menu presents a somewhat different approach than conventional menus. Instead of selecting which items to consume by reading, the guest selects the food by viewing the actual food itself. 

How to Setup a Profitable Buffet eGuide.


6 Ingredients to create a memorable and profitable buffet!  

Buffet Room Layout

…Be prepared for all situations. Plan the buffet room layout anticipating any possible difficult situation. Available space and room configuration, power, lighting structure, etc.

Buffet Table Setup and Layout

…Correct buffet table setup and layout is critical in achieving a smooth operating buffet. You must consider the functionality of equipment/service utensils, arrangement of shapes, sizes, textures, colours, flavours and placement of food to make a profit.

Buffet Display

…A buffet should look lavish and plentiful. There are many ways to create this look.

Buffet Platter Presentation

…The cold platter is the mainstay of the buffet and offers the most opportunity for visual artistry. Find out the basic principles of platter presentation.

Buffet Safe Food Handling

…Find out about the preparation and holding of hot and cold foods for buffets. Learn the important rules to follow for safe food handling.

Buffet Menus

…Eight very easy to follow buffet menus: breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.


There is no other type of menu planning that will let a person show off artistic skills better than a buffet table.  

A buffet offers several advantages to food businesses: 

  • Food can be presented to the guests in dramatic fashion.
  • They can result in tremendous labor savings in any operation.
  • With proper menu planning techniques, food costs can be lower than with a conventional menu. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let us help you to lower your labour and food costs…to make a profit! 


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How to Setup a Profitable Buffet eGuide


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