How to Cook the Books eGuide

Question: Are you struggling to manage your finances as a small food business owner?


How to Cook the Books eGuide


Are you struggling to manage your finances as a small food business owner?


Our How to Cook the Books eGuide is designed to help you take control of your finances and avoid common pitfalls that small food business owners often face. 

You'll learn about start-up and running costs, obtaining finance for your business, business records, and budgeting. 

We also cover costing and pricing of your products/services all while avoiding financial mistakes that can hurt your business.

Imagine the confidence that comes with having a clear understanding of your financial situation. You'll be able to make informed decisions that support the growth of your business, without worrying about running out of cash or going into debt.

With our e-guide, you'll have the tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of small food business.

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6 essential ingredients to keep control of your finances.

Start-up and running costs of a business 

…Do you know what the start-up costs are of a business? Do you know the projected running costs of a business? Don’t underestimate these costs - they are critical in assessing the viability of the business idea.

Obtaining finance for your business

…Sources of finance: Find out the numerous sources from which to obtain finance and the types of facilities available for your business.

Business records 

…What financial records should you keep to make better business decisions?


…The budgeting process involves realistic forecasting, monitoring and planning. Find out the many different types of budgets that are useful for a small food business.

Costing and pricing

…Find out how to determine the cost and how to price a product/service.


…Find out the many laws which apply to a small business.


You already know that some basic records have to be kept so that your accountant can prepare your tax returns and financial statements. What about the rest of the year? How for instance, can you get some early warning of problems that are causing you losses? How can you detect changes in the pattern of trading or plan for profit on a regular basis?

Let us help you understand why money matters.


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How to Cook the Books eGuide

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