How to Cook the Books eGuide

When planning to start a new business or the future of an existing one, it is essential to know what finances will be required, where the money will come from and how you plan to spend it.


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How to Cook the Books eGuide


Why is financial control important?


You are in business to make a profit and keeping correct financial records will enable you to measure, control, evaluate and forecast your profitability, your financial needs and your financial viability.

How to Cook the Books’ eGuide


6 essential ingredients to keep control of your finances.

Start-up and running costs of a business 

…Do you know what the start-up costs are of a business? Do you know the projected running costs of a business? Don’t underestimate these costs - they are critical in assessing the viability of the business idea.

Obtaining finance for your business

…Sources of finance: Find out the numerous sources from which to obtain finance and the types of facilities available for your business.

Business records 

…What financial records should you keep to make better business decisions?


…The budgeting process involves realistic forecasting, monitoring and planning. Find out the many different types of budgets that are useful for a small food business.

Costing and pricing

…Find out how to determine the cost and how to price a product/service.


…Find out the many laws which apply to a small business.


You already know that some basic records have to be kept so that your accountant can prepare your tax returns and financial statements. What about the rest of the year? How for instance, can you get some early warning of problems that are causing you losses? How can you detect changes in the pattern of trading or plan for profit on a regular basis?

The answer lies in obtaining up-to-date information on the finances of your business through use of basic accounting techniques. If you can afford to employ an accountant on a regular basis you should do so. If not, you can employ an accountant to set up a bookkeeping system for you, which you can then keep up daily, weekly and monthly.

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How to Cook the Books eGuide


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