How to Cook for Cash-Ideas eGuide

Love to cook? Would like to cook for money? Make your dream come true! 


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How to Cook for Cash-Ideas eGuide


What are the ways to start a food business?


So, you want to start or grow your own food business. Congratulations! 

You are (or will be) investing a lot of time and money into your new food venture, so for your business success it is vital for you to firstly, complete the business management activities in this eGuide and secondly, discover food business ideas! 

So, lets have a look at the ways you can ‘cook for cash’ from home cooking, to small-scale catering to opening a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop…or other eatery businesses.

How to Cook for Cash-Ideas eGuide


3 essential ingredients to create a food business.

Home Cooking

There are many advantages from home cooking: it reduces costs; it enables easy involvement with the family; it provides part-time work. All of these are important points indicating that a home base may be the most practical way to operate in the initial stages.

Small-Scale Catering

The key to successful catering in today’s market is actually a combination of many important components. In addition to basic business skills and a strong culinary background, caterers must have a keen desire to please the people they serve and the organisational ability to master the complexities of the business.

’OPENING SOON’ - Restaurant/cafe/coffee shop…other eateries

Experts claim that the major cause of failure for new operators is not knowing what is really involved. Restaurants may seem to offer glamour and excitement to some would-be operators...reality is very different, involving long hours and dedicated hard work for small profits.


So, what are you waiting for? 

Let us help you make your food business a success.

Home Cooking/Small-Scale Catering

Owning your own home cooking/small-scale catering business and working for yourself can be a rewarding experience, provided the proper research and planning has been carried out.

Some of the ways to start cooking for money are baking for market stalls, confectionery, celebration cake service, bar and hotel food, lunch boxes and picnics, making preserves for sale, cooking for dinner parties and running a freezer service. 

’OPENING SOON’ - Restaurant/cafe/coffee shop…other eateries

The most important thing you should do before you start your food business is to make sure you gain as much hospitality and business management knowledge as possible and be prepared to keep up-to-date with trends in technology, consumer behaviour, products and the environment.


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How to Cook for Cash-Ideas eGuide


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