How to Find Your Dream Team eGuide

Your staff can be your most expensive and your most valuable asset.  Finding the right staff is very important because they represent your business.   Good staff can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.   Poor staff can scare away your customers.


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How to Find Your Dream Team eGuide


How to recruit the right staff?


Employees are your most valuable asset and in the majority of cases, represent your greatest costs, so it's important for your business to hire the right people. This is particularly the case in a food business, where there are fewer individuals to assume the many roles involved in business operations.

The quality of your employees make the difference between success and failure. It is important to remember that it is not what you do, but what your staff do and how well, that determines the success of the business.

How to Find Your Dream Team eGuide


8 Ingredients to get the most out of your staff

Preparing a job analysis and job description

…Analyse job duties and learn the key points in a Job Description.

Costs associated with employing new staff

…Learn the hidden costs in employing staff

Type of employee most suited to your needs

…Understand the main types of employment options

Methods of advertising the position

…Placing an advertisement, writing a job advertisement, discrimination laws

Selecting the most suitable person

…Conduct an interview, selection process and appointing applicant.

Induction and training

…What is included in an induction process and what you need to cover in a staff handbook. 

Legal requirements associated with employing staff

…Your obligations when employing people for the first time. 

Risks involved in working in the food industry

…Find out the main risks and ways to prevent them.


One of the big problems facing small business operators is how to recruit and keep good staff. The people who work for you are your most valuable resource. They represent your business and their workmanship, service and attitudes will affect your success in attracting and maintaining a strong customer base.

Recruiting staff requires careful consideration and understanding of certain processes. As with any resource, the people who make up your business must be managed. Human resource management is an ongoing aspect of business operations, which continually aims to:

provide the right people

in the right numbers

with the right knowledge, skills and experience

in the right jobs

in the right place

at the right time

for the right cost

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How to Find Your Dream Team eGuide


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