How to Design a Market Focused Menu eGuide

Find out how to use your menu as a marketing tool to increase sales and profit.

Menus are ‘the silent salesperson’ of any restaurant or catering business. The menu not only presents products and services available to the customer but, also presents the mood and character of the whole operation.  Good menu knowledge is an essential aid in the sales process, it provides an opportunity to discuss and where appropriate to up-sell more expensive or more profitable dishes.  

This eGuide is not textbook theory, it is user friendly with lots of examples, case studies, tips and activities. 

‘How to Design a Market Focused Menu’ eGuide covers:

Menu Planning 

Understand type of customer, location of establishment, price range, type of establishment, physical capacity of your outlet, estimated throughput, staff levels and capabilities, kitchen size and equipment availability and food availability. Master the art of culinary and nutritional balance…colour, ingredients, method of cookery, texture, temperature and nutritional balance.

Menu design

Find out how to write an ‘eye catching menu copy’. Title and descriptions of a menu, menu copy and format, layout, placement of menu items, covers, paper, handwriting versus print, typeface, typeface size.

Menu Pricing

Master the art of easy menu pricing using a menu pricing formula. Menu pricing, financial controls, income, expenses, food cost, beverage cost, labour cost, overheads, food cost percentage and selling prices, calculating gross profit, standard recipe card, food costing balance, direct labour, overheads and profit.

 Use your menu as a marketing tool’! 

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