How to Be Food Safe eGuide

Understand and comply with health and safety food standards, to ensure the food you are selling is safe for your customers.


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How to be Food Safe eGuide


How to comply with health & safety standards?


Before opening your food outlet, you are required by law to register your business with the Environmental Health Department of your local authority. You must register your business at least 28 days before opening. This applies to most types of food businesses including catering run from home, or temporary premises such as stalls and vans.

How to Be Food Safe eGuide


11 essential ingredients to ensure your food is safe for your customers. 

Environmental Rules & Regulation…

…How to comply

Food Poisoning and Food Spoilage Bacteria…

…Understand the difference.

Rules for Preventing Cross-Contamination…

…Understand the rules.

Four Hour/Two-Hour Guide…

…What is meant by the four-hour/two-hour guide. 

Food Handling…

…The correct personal hygiene and sanitation practices.

Purchasing and Receiving…

…Check that the food you purchase and receive is safe.

Dry/Cold/FreezingStorage/Thawing/Preparation/Cooking/Cooling/Reheating and Hot Holding…

…Know the safe methods.

Allergens, Food Packaging/Labelling and Transporting food…

…Ways to control and monitor these areas.

Cleaning and Sanitising of Premises and Equipment/Pest Control…

…Create a cleaning schedule and how to control pests.


…Ways to develop and train staff.

Risk Assessment…

…The five main areas when carrying out a risk assessment.


To ensure that the food you are selling is safe for your customers, it is necessary to put food hygiene and safety management procedures in place, so it is essential that you and your staff understand and comply with the food hygiene and safety standards.

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Let us help you understand and comply with health and safety food standards.


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How to Be Food Safe eGuide


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