How to Keep Within the Law eGuide

Ensure your long term business success.

Starting and running your own food business is hard work and not without risks, but it is also an exciting and satisfying challenge and can give you a good income, providing you are prepared to invest a lot of time and energy into making it successful.

This eGuide is not textbook theory, it is user friendly with lots of examples, case studies, tips and activities.

‘How to Keep Within the Law’ eGuide covers:

  • Reasons for starting a food business...essentials for success in a food business.  
  • Personal, technical and management characteristics and skills...your strengths and weaknesses and how to change weaknesses into strengths.
  • Buying an existing or starting a new food business...advantages and disadvantages.
  • Are you going to purchase or lease your premises…all the pros and cons.
  • Buying a franchise or operating a catering business from home?…what you need to consider.
  • Types of legal structures…advantages and disadvantages of a sole trader, partnership or company. 
  • Your business name…how to register your business name.
  • Importance of insurance…the right type of insurance cover for your food business.
  • Licences, regulations and professional help. 

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